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RedPanda is a digital studio.

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Under-promise and over-deliver, the way we like to work!

Who we are?

Red panda was founded in 2010 when two guys joined forces under one goal; to make people happy. Our over twenty years of experience helps us do what we do perfectly. Our work is our hobby so we certainly enjoy it and hopefully so do our clients. We always keep up with current technologies and look for creative, innovative ways to complete our projects. We tend to under-promise and over-deliver, it is the way we like to work!

It took us ages to come up with the name for our dream project. We wanted something dynamic that shows creativity and determination. Something to match our ideas and describes in 1 or 2 words who we are. Thats NOT the reason we chose Redpanda. Red pandas are just cute...

Why choose us?

We love our job

Graphic design, web and media industry includes challenges that are unique. It encourages creativity and we love the way that technology helps us give life to our clients’ unique ideas.

We are team players

Collaborating with each other is the only street to success for us. We are always looking for the best combination of people and thoughts in order to be effective; and we always make sure that you will be an efficient member of the team that will meet your goal.

We work quickly but not hastily

If a website is just another check on your to-do list for your industry, don’t choose us. We appreciate each project individually, we plan according to your needs and our works are tailored, not industrialized. That requires time, patience and hard work from both sides.

We create and don’t sell out

We are obviously not a template market; we are designers, ideas-generators and producers. We build from scratch keeping you away from trouble, unsuitability and poor copies while keeping you close to what you need and you have dreamt of.

We believe in value for money

Protecting your projects from being cheap, we are not cheap. Protecting your business from being unprofitable, we are not expensive. Our production process includes a budget schedule based on your capabilities and needs, making sure that your investment will give you profit.

Because quality is not negotiable

Our Creative Director will always be there to ensure that quality satisfies high standards. Client feedback is not only welcome but necessary in order to proceed to publication of any work that represents your business.

Because we train, we test, we give

Our education is not something we take for granted; we are constantly updated on new technologies, trends and practices. The quality of our projects comes together with fast loading sites, clean and lightweight codes and up to date solutions. We encourage multiple testing from our collaborators and we provide sites that are movable to other suppliers, if needed.

Because your projects are our intangible capital

Our brand name and success are built on consistency of our quality products. However, that’s not the only asset that made us recognisable. We are widely identified for having emotion, being human and believing in relations in a technology centred business.

Because we trust the images to built your image

An image is worth 1000 words and for that we trust the eyes to transfer any message you need to your clients. Our artwork and marketing-oriented graphics ensure that you can achieve the desired reactions and emotions from your customers. Either you want your target audience to purchase, or you want it to be engaged to your services, we can make it happen. Any business goal can be achieved effectively using company identification systems, as well as specific visual forms: roll-ups, billboards, press advertisements, company stationery, catalogues, leaflets, presentations, folders, banners, infographics, Facebook imagery, email footers or press advertisements.

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Under-promise and over-deliver, the way we like to work!

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