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Red panda was founded in 2010 when two guys joined forces under one goal; to make people happy. Our over ten years of experience helps us do what we do perfectly. Our work is our hobby so we certainly enjoy it and hopefully so do our clients. We always keep up with current technologies and look for creative, innovative ways to complete our projects. We tend to under-promise and over-deliver, it is the way we like to work!

It took us ages to come up with the name for our dream project. We wanted something dynamic that shows creativity and determination. Something to match our ideas and describes in 1 or 2 words who we are. Thats NOT the reason we chose Redpanda. Red pandas are just cute...

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  • Web design

    Innovative designs
    and top notch development. Your requests are
    just our starting point...

    [web design, web
    development, Social

  • Video production

    Graphics dont need
    to be static. Once we set
    the elements in motion there are no limits.

    [Multimedia presentations,
    corporate Videos,
    commercials, ID’s...]

  • 3D animation

    Tricking the eye and
    brain in thinking that
    what they see is real.
    Static or animated screens,
    are our expertise.

    [Modeling, animation, visualization...]

  • Applications

    Taking advantage
    of all the new technologies
    and methods to promote
    your idea. You want it,
    we can build it for you.

    [iPhone apps, Android apps, web apps...]

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  • Ιατρικός Τύπος Ιατρικός Τύπος Ιατρικός Τύπος Ιατρικός Τύπος
    Type: Design, HTML/CSS, programming
    Client: Ιατρικός Τύπος
  • Παρασκευόπουλος Παρασκευόπουλος Παρασκευόπουλος Παρασκευόπουλος
    Type: Design, HTML/CSS, programming
    Client: Παρασκευόπουλος
  • Footballleague News Footballleague News Footballleague News
    Type: Design, HTML/CSS, programming
  • Mood Design Mood Design Mood Design Mood Design
    Type: Design, HTML/CSS, programming
    Client: Mood Design
  • Μουντιάλ και ενημέρωση
    Type: Video
    Client: Μουντιάλ και ενημέρωση
  • 4 Τροχοί
    Type: Video
    Client: 4 Τροχοί
  • 27 της Ευρώπης
    Type: Video
    Client: 27 της Ευρώπης
  • The Archelon Bubble Intro
    Type: Video
    Client: The Archelon Bubble Intro

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Getting in touch with us is only the first step. Contact us to enquire about a project, to ask for further information or just to say hi...